Chital- Nah

Chitala chitala is a knifefish from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan found in the Brahmaputra, Indus, Ganges and Mahanadi River basins.

 This fish reaches a maximum length of 122 cm (48 in), but more commonly reaches about 75 cm (30 in). It is overall silvery in color. 

 Chital maasor jul or fish curry is a regional delicacy in Assam and  West Bengal in India, and neighbouring  Bangladesh

*Assamese Name: Chital maas
*Binomial name: Chitala chitala
*English name: Clown knifefish
*Distribution: India, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia


The photographed as been taken from facebook page " Local Fish of Assam" . Link has been given in the right side of the column under "External Link" Section.

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