Dadu Grajik Kanai Guphu

This song describes an old grandmother and her wisdom.

This song is written by Dipta Singh Barman. This song is about an old grandmom who is full of wisdom. Her old and fragile body is described in this song. The way she walks and visits her neighbours bringing along with her wise words and knowledge of her lifetime.

Cultural Narrative: 

dadu             graju      kanai gufu

grand mother hair white

'Grandmother whose hair is grey'

jini noha paidu

our house come

'Coming to our house'

thok thok thok thok thok thok

sound of footsteps

 yajmu bringdu

 footstep making sound

'Sound of footstep'

gongjuru gongjuru khungjru khungjru khutai khutai

bend back disbalanced posture

'walking with bend back and disbalanced posture'

thodibro thodibro yaphri shordu kherte khere

stumble stumble step slide slow 

'Slowly and with stumble step sliding forward'

naikhudada         naihadu nola bisi jaindukho

looking upwards look       house how far 

'She is looking upwards to check how far the house is'

yajmu brungdu thok thok thok thok thok thok

 footstep making sound

lama jamyakha

road never ending

'The road is not ending'

bismaha baksa base bahi labudu

shoulder box small carry bring

'carrying a small box on her shoulder'

gubru jasai jajaonang pini jukudu


budu glaojang   dadu graju          noshur    noma gadu

time long         grandmother neighbour house go

'after a long time grandmother is visiting neighbour's house'

rao shandi  labudu yajmu khot khot khot khot khot khot brungdu

wise word bring foot steps sound making sound

'her footsteps are bringing wise words'

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