Dilaobraha Sangibraha

One of the oldest of Dimasa primordial verses refers to myth of Dilaobra-Sangibra in which it is narrated how their ancestors met at the confluence of river named Dilao-Sangi to formulate all the governing principles of Dimasa socio-religious experience.

Dilaobraha Sangibraha

Pra desari pra pangsari

Yader khormaidi bosho damali,

Yader mi rijing bobo miliba,

Bosho dao rijing bobo gotaba,

Hayung hakabo laisi goraia

Baryung paikabo debsi gaonangya.

Thiga giridao baiga giridao,

Madai adhasi marsi adhasi

Daohi paiyarao luhi paiyarao.

Maithai baibani kra baibani

Maithai gidingni kra paopinni

Melma kamjoa melsa kamjoa,

Melma karene melsa kamrene.

Pirthi giliha palang giliha

Sangsailirene bowailairene.



By the confluence of Dilao and Sangi

Rises the high and wide banyan

The roots reach the netherworld

Up in distant high, the branches spread

Multitude of animal hordes bellow

Myriad birds gathered above.

Not a leaf fell, even in hefty rains.

Not a branch moved, even in ghastly winds.

The deathless, ageless

Semi-god Semi-human

They used to come after long travels

At the end of monsoon

set on creating and planting

In the early days of the earth...

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