Honohain sapinyaba (Pork salad)

A side dish prepared with boiled pork mixed with raw onion, roasted chili, and culantro.

Honohain sapinyaba (pork salad), for preparation of this, pork is chopped into small pieces and then boiled till fully cooked, roasted green pepper, raw onion, mustard oil and salt for taste is added to it and mixed thoroughly.

Cultural Narrative: 

Hono hain (pork) is mostly used in cultural festives in Dima Hasao district. But in Barak Valley region, and some parts of Hojai district and Karbi Anglong district of Assam, pork is not served in cultural gatherings by Dimasa people. People of these regions believe pork to be inappropriate/impure for use in cultural gatherings.

Location Description: 

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