Khaojeb Gedeba (Big Bamboo Storage Basket)

It is a traditional bamboo storage basket for storing all the necessary things. It is used by Dimasa community in ancient times.

There are various types of Khaojeb in Dimasa, the one in the image is Khaojeb Gedeba which means Big Bamboo Storage Basket. Khaojeb Gedeba is made of bamboo and cane. At first the bamboo is boiled so that it can bring a desirable shape without breaking. Desgins on the side of Khaojeb is made by boil bamboo. The rest part of the Khaojeb is made of cane. 

Cultural Narrative: 

Khaojeb Gedeba is used as storage by Dimasa community. Khaojeb Gedeba is a big bamboo storage basket which was mainly used by Dimasa man to store their cloth . Nowadays it is used to store any items and as a show piece in home by Dimasa. Clothes, bangles, books and other valuable things can be keep in the Khaojeb Gedeba.

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