it is a traditional bamboo made ornament casket of Dimasa people.

It is an another variety of 'Khaojep' which is made of bamboo and cane. it is basically small in size, the total height of this khaojep is only 10 cm  and diameter of 5 cm. it is woven with the fine bamboo strips and also holds a lid made up bamboo. the whole body of this Khaojep is in dark brown in color from outside and light brown in color from inside. 

Cultural Narrative: 

This particular 'Khaojep' belongs to Joba Rani Barman of  Kanakpur village, it is a small bamboo made container which was used by her as an ornament casket. it is purely bamboo made and hand woven, As said by her, it was gifted at the time of her marriage by her mother and will be more then 100 years old. 

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