Khaoroma Jukuba (Frog Wedding)

This video is about the frog wedding for rain in the villages.

In the ancient time it is believed by the Dimasa community that frog wedding makes god happy and it gave them more rain. Long back whenever there is delay in monsoon or there is drought-like situation in the villages, the villagers used to performed the frog wedding. The rirtuals that are followed in the frog wedding is just like any other wedding. Other than frog wedding Dimasa community also believe that if they sings songs of Dishrudi (Dimasa princess), it rains.

Cultural Narrative: 

There was a belief in the Dimasa community that when there was drought in the ancient times Dimasa people performed frog wedding for rain. The villagers made mandap, did all the puja needed for the ceremony. the villagers brought a pair of frogs and the frogs were dressed up as bride and groom. The groom comes to the bride’s house and gets married after that by playing khrum-muri (traditional drum and a long wooden pipe musical instrument) they farewell the bride and groom. After bidding farewell to the bried’s family they left for groom’s place. The ritual followed in the frog wedding is similar to the normal weddings. This ritual is followed by Joypur villagers till today.

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