Freshwater garfish is a species of needlefish found in freshwater and brackish habitats in South and Southeast Asia.

*Assamese Name: Kokila maas
*Binomial Name: Xenentodon cancila
*English Name: Freshwater garfish
*Other Names: Kakila, Kankely (Bengali), Kokkare, Konti (Kannada), Kokkumeen, Vellai mooral (Tamil), Kutramasa, Tokali (Marathi), Kolaan (Malayalam), Sui (Nepali), Chowkli (Khasi), Ngachek lawbi (Meitei)
*Grows upto: a length of 40cm (16 in)
*Distribution: Widely distributed across South and Southeast Asia from India and Sri Lanka to the Malaysian Peninsula


The photographed as been taken from facebook page " Local Fish of Assam" . Link has been given in the right side of the column under "External Link" Section.

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