The (Snakehead Murrel) is commonly called as Nah-rem or Bula Nah, is common in freshwater plains where it migrates from rivers and lakes into flooded fields. It returns to the permanent water bodies in the dry season.

*Assamese Name: Xol
*Binomial Name: Channa striata
*English Name: Snakehead Murrel, Striped snakehead, Banded snakehead, Common snakehead, Chevron snakehead
*Other Names: Shol (Bengali), Varaal (Kerala), Viral (Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka), Pla chon (Thailand), Gabus (Indonesia), Haruan (Malaysia), Haloan, Aruan, Bulig, Dalag, Mudfish (Philippines)
*Distribution: India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and most of Southeast Asia. Recently it has been introduced to outmost parts of Indonesia, Philippines and Mauritius.

The photographed as been taken from facebook page " Local Fish of Assam" . Link has been given in the right side of the column under "External Link" Section.

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