Taboos in Kumacherra village

The above video is a short Discussion on taboos that exists among the DImasa people of Kumacherra village.

The video is of an Informal discussion between Monali laongmailai, Abesh Diruwa and Nrityojoy Hojai on Taboos that exists and believed by the Dimasa people of Kumacherra village. In general taboo refers to a practice which has been forbidden through being designated bad, evil or unnatural by a society, organisation, community and any cultural group. Just like in other communities there are many taboos that exists in Dimasa community also, here in the video they have discussed about the taboos which are believed by the people of Kumacherra village.  

Cultural Narrative: 

The full line to line translation of the above short discussion of the Taboos that exist among the Dimasa people of Kumacherra village.

Abesh;- Hor ha shlikjdi thithaoya, Shimmi kai shainthaoya ode Jibu kai bo jenthaoya. 

Abesh:- At night it is forbidden to take the name of Turmeric, Snake and ask needle. 

Nrityojoy:- Shunni kai bo rithaoya.

Nrityojoy:- The edible line is also not allowed to give. 

Monali:- Odehe nadi nadi kai jaenthaoya hor ha ? Shkainjik bo jenthaoya naidu. 

Monal:- And what else are not allowed to say at night time ? it is forbidden to take the name of a witch also. 

Abesh:- Ahh shkainjik bo jenthaoyane. 

Abesh:- yes, it is forbidden to mention witches at night time. 

Monali:- Odehe ?

Monali:- And ? 

Monali:- Achha Shlikdi kai la nabani jenthaoyaba hor ha, Jibu jang shkainjik kai dai gicha bujinang Shlikdi la ?

Monali:- (ok) why it is forbidden to take the name of turmeric at night, Snake and witch can be understand but why not turmeric ?

Monali:-  Why it is not allowed to take the name of those things? 

Nrityojoy:- Scientific reason dong, Shlikdi la hor ha nuya, mithijaoya jiba ha shin mithiba odebani hor ha jenthaoyanaiba. arr jibu la hor ha jenkhaning ning phaire thidu. 

Nrityojoy:- There is a scientific reason for it, as the color of turmeric is not visible at night time and only while you eat you can know it, so may be that's why it is not allowed and at night time the snake comes if you take its name. 

Monali:- Odehe mashi dongdo jingkhe manang ha ancha ha thire khoro bathain jang bathain ha nanglaikha ning " Hagra ni jibu dashu" bukla nabani thiba bobo mashi reestriction ning da. 

Monali:- And there is one more, when were kid we were told that if  the two head touches with each other then you must say " The snake of the forest ..." why it is said like that as this is also kind of restriction only. 

Abesh:- Ehh, thamaiya bukede  

Abesh:- I don't know about that. 

Monali:- Ehh Mithiyakha na. 

Monali :- So you don't know right. 

Monali:- Odeh bo yaphadap mashi ulta phulta dengkha thikala buma bupha thire thidu da suja deng, bukla nabani thiba ? nishi yaowaidu ? Khanakha? 

Monali:- And if you keep your foot wear in a upside down position then it is said that your parents die, so you need to keep it in right position. why it is said ? do you people say it or heard it ? 

Abesh:- Jingde khanaya jini ejang haphai hade. 

Abesh:- We haven't heard such saying in our area.

Monali:- Ohh ! jini ujangade de thire amai thu, Sandal kai ulta dadeng buma bupha thire thihi. 

Monali:- Ohh! at our side my mother and all use to say, don't keep your sandal upside down otherwise you parents will die. 

Abesh:- Yashku thudada himthaoya odehe thire. 

Abesh:- It is forbidden to walk with bent knees. 

Monali:- Ahh ! yashku thuhi himkala buma bupha thire ode bo thidu da. 

Monali:- Ahh ! it is said that if you walk with your bent knees then yours parents will die. 

Abesh:- Om ! odehe thidu.

Abesh:- yes ! it is said so. 

Monali:- Bo la nabani thibanae ?

Monali:- Why it is said so ? 

















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