Weaving of Clothes


In Dimasa society, weaving is an old age tradition. Mostly women are active in the weaving process. But nowadays, men can also weave.  Weaving is done in a "Daophang" and the place where the Daophang is  kept is called a "Daophangkho" . It can kept in the front or the back of the house or even have a separate room. 

A Daophang is made up of wood. Mainly there are three types of Daophang. 

1. Yaolabai/ Bondo ni Daophang (Traditional wooden loom- /throw shuttle-) . This Daophang is mostly used by weavers . 

2. Khol ni Daophang (throw and fly shuttle loom) 

3. Wah ni Daophang (Traditional Bamboo loom)

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