Yashungshrung/ Yashimsho

'Yashungshrung or Yashimsho is traditional Dimasa silver anklet, worn by both Dimasa men and women of Hawar (Cachar) region in olden days.

Yashungshrung or Yashimsho is one of the traditional Dimasa ornaments, worn by both men and women in Dimasa community of Hawar (Cachar) region in olden days. It is basically an anklet which is made of silver and weighs around 350 gm each. it is in ovel and circular shaped with one side open which makes it flexible for a person to adjust a size of it while wearing. The Yashungshrung or Yashimsho is a thick heavy anklet which also have a beautiful designs crafted on it. 

Cultural Narrative: 

The traditional ornaments of Dimasa people are mostly made of silver. Yashunghrung or Yashmisho is the only ornament of Dimasa people which is worn by both men and women as an anklet in their both legs. This particular silver anklet is not in common use now a days, in fact only few such type of anklets can be seen in Hawar (Cachar) region. According to the information given in the video by the informants - Kunja Rani Barman Khemprai and Lakhi Rani Barman Khemprai of Joypur village, these two pairs of Yashungshrung/ Yashimsho belongs to their grandparents and would be around 100 to 200 years old. 

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