Daphlamdu jebyaba Khangkra

The above photo is of a traditional basket of Dimasa people usually used as a cage for keeping Ducks.

Khangkra is a carrying basket of Dimasa people, it is made by weaving the bamboo strips in open hexagonal technique. The maximum height of this Khangkra is 78 cm and maximum diameter is 103cm, the body is round in shape with a open mouth and has a flat square shaped base and there is no bamboo made handle attached to any of its side. 

Cultural Narrative: 

This particular Khangkra is made by Dimasa menfolk for keeping ducks and ducklings, it made by bamboo strips and and can be weaved within one day. It is made in different sizes according to its uses, however it is mainly used as a cage for birds like ducks and hens or for other small animals.    

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