Bakhor Blai (Coriander)

This plant is used as spice in the curry.

To plant bakor blai (coriander) land is tilled at first and then seed of this plant is soaked in a piece of cloth until its sprout. Then  the sprouted seed are sprinkled over tilled land and it is cover by banana leaves until it grows. It takes 15 to 20 days to grow. It can be used in all curries.

Cultural Narrative: 

The interview on the process of plantation of bakor blai (coriander) which is narrated by Krish Rajiyung Barman and interviewed by Animesh Barman is given below with line to line translation.

 Krish: Ebola bakor, eke puila ha gaima tikala ha dainma nangdu, ha daindada bakor jemdu, jembani pore ri ha kataidu.

Gloss: This is coriander, to plant this at first we have to dig some land, after that the seeds of this plant is soaked and cover in a piece of cloth .

Animesh: Jemba, sainbisi jemma nangdu?

Gloss: How many days do we need to soak the seeds?

Krish: Sainsi jemma nangdu, jemba ni pore ri ha kataidu, ri ha kataibani pore kisa kisa basla baigonang pore basla baigodu, tarpore gaima, tarpore lai blai jang thapdada dengdu,

Gloss: Only one day, after that the soaked seeds are covered in a piece of cloth, then it start sprouting and then the sprouted seeds are sprinkled over the tilled land, then it is covered with banana leaf.

Animesh: Bupang basa basa baigokala?

Gloss: What to do after baby plant start growing?

Krish: Buphang basa basa baigokala lai khe sugukladu, lai khe sugubani pore la jing di ludu, sainsi phinsi ba phingin.

Gloss: When the baby plant start growing the banana leaves are removed.

Animesh: Shamlaila eke na gaja klaihi jidu?

Gloss: How do you use it in traditional curries?

Krish: Naphlam saphun jipudu mogong ha bo senglapudu dal ha bo senglapudu, krip ha bo rilapudu.

Gloss: It is used in the chutney with fermented fish, it can also used as spice in adl and other curries.

Animesh: Sainsibi jang maijidu?

Gloss: How many days does it take to grow?

Krish: Ebokhe maijiba la 15 din 20 din jang maijidu.

Gloss: It grows in 15 to 20 days.

Animesh: Ode eke maising ha sinu garre na jalang ha bo garre?

Gloss: Do you plant coriander only in winter or summer also?

Krish: Garlapudu, bo jlang maising garlapudu mijingbalei, bera giri.

Gloss: You can plant it anytime in any season.

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