सिदला (Sidla)

Cultural Narrative: 

The Bodos place a high value on the sanctity of the courtyard of the house. There are various regulations relating to the courtyard, and if they are disregarded or violated, it is thought that the family would be in grave danger. The following restrictions are very common:

  • It is forbidden for a man to cross the courtyard while carrying an axe, a shovel, or a bamboo, and for a woman to do so while carrying a pitcher of water. They are said to bring about enormous evil.
  • It is said that if a dog drags its buttock in the middle of the courtyard, bad luck might strike the household right away.
  • It is said that if a crow (daokha) or vulture (sigun) leaves a piece of animal meat or a bone in the courtyard, bad luck may befall the household. On the other side, it is said that the family will flourish if the vulture vomits in the courtyard.
  • It is said that if a fox makes a noise in the courtyard, some sort of tragedy would undoubtedly strike the family.
  • It is said that the life expectancy of the individual may be short if a male family member goes through the courtyard in the morning that has not yet been broomed. Therefore, it is considered to be a common job of the female members of the household to sweep the courtyard in the early morning hours before the family's male members awaken.
  • It is obvious that there is a significant deal of hostility between two people or families if one of them reprimands the other by trampling on the courtyard. Such animosity or conflict may result in the obliteration of both families.

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