खुन्दुं थुन्नाइ (Khundung Thunnai)

Traditional Knowledge: 

The yarn should be transferred to the bobbin to make it suitable for warping. At first, the supplied yarn is mounted on a swift and the bobbin (i.e., warp bobbin) is fitted on the spindles of the winding jothor. By transferring the motion to winding jothor yarn is wounded on the bobbins. According to our requirement, a number of bobbins are wounded by means of jothor in a simple procedure. This process is known as winding. Warping – When the required numbers of bobbins are made then it is ready for the warping process. The bobbins are fitted on a creel stand for carrying out the warping process. After fitting the bobbins in creel, the ends of the bobbins are passed through the hank frame to maintain the lease. Lease means to divide the warp threads into 1:1 ratio or 2:2 ratio. When the lease is prepared the ends are passed through the dent of the reed according to the denting order. After that, the ends are knotted together and put on the nails of the drum. The length of the warp depends on the circumference of the drum and the section depends on the count of the reed and the number of bobbins fitted on the creel.


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