दंग’ - Rural irrigation

Traditional irrigation canal

As stated by Endle in his book ‘The Kacharis’ (1911), The Bodos are skillful in the construction of irrigation and canals and earthwork embankments for diverting water from the river-beds into their rice fields; and their efforts in this direction are very largely aided by their clannish organization. Whenever the rainfall threatens to be below average, the village headman with his associated elders fixes on the spot whence water is to be brought from the nearest river to the rice fields. At this very spot very rude and primitive shelters of jungle grass are put up and here all the manhood strength of the village, each man armed with a hoe, dao, etc., are compelled to take up their abode until the necessary work has been fully carried out. In this way, it will be obvious that the Kacharis have a highly efficient and very inexpensive ‘Public Works Department.’

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