बैराथि जरा (Bwirathi jora)

Two women who welcome the bride during the marriage ceremony.
Cultural Narrative: 

The bridegroom’s mother selects two ladies (not widows) who play an essential role during the marriage ceremony. Their main role is to welcome the bride and cut the areca nuts and distribute them to the people of the bride’s party. The parents of the bride also select Bwirathi jora two unmarried girls during the marriage ceremony. There are some strict rules for the selection of the Bwirathis, A girl or woman must be strong, healthy, and handsome. No widow is allowed to perform the role of Bwirathi. The widow or widower is labeled as ‘khoro Goja’ or headless by the Bodos therefore, they are not allowed to perform any auspicious work or rituals during the marriage ceremony. 

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