मै आरो दांगुर (Mwi arw Dangur)


Mwi is made of bamboo, measuring almost 2 m in length; it’s a kind of ladder. It is fixed to the mwi dangur, which is made of split bamboo at the top as well as at the bottom with the help of a lengra dirung (rope made of jute). The length of mwi is 157 cm with a breadth of 44 cm.

Hasni or Dangur (Rake)

Dimension, Handle Length: 80-100 cm

Material: Bamboo

Working edge, Tooth size: 2-3 inch

Material: mild steel/iron

Traditional Knowledge: 

Mwi is used for the purpose of levelling land in order to enable the farmers to prepare the land for tillage and sowing, to improve the irrigation efficiency and this implement is generally operated by male farmers.

Dangur is used to gather leaves, hay, grass and other materials, as well as loosen the soil, moderate weeding, and leveling, cut dead grass and other agricultural tasks. This tool is often used to remove trash from seedbeds and to break capillary action in soil after rain to preserve moisture, allowing a farmer to perform tillage and sowing operations over a longer period of time.

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