मोसॊ दागायनाय (Mwsou dagainai)

Cattle rites during Bwisagu
Cultural Narrative: 

The last date of the month of Chaitra is called by the Bodo as mwsou bwisagu for the cows or cattle. On that day not only Bodo, but every Assamese people also leads the cattle to the river for bathing. Before taking to the river the cattle are offered paddy and horns and hooves are smeared with mustard oil (thao gwthang). The body of the cow is spotted with black markings with a mixture prepared from black ashes and mustard oil, using the stem of the eri tree as the marker. Garland made of water gourd and brinjal are used to decorate the cows. The owner bows to them before removing them from the cowshed.

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