हा गोमोन (Haa gwmwn)


Ploughing is a process of breaking, loosening the soil, and turning it over for uprooting weeds and aerate the soil. Before sowing the seeds, it is necessary to loosen and turn the soil in the fields to break it to the size of the grains which is done with the help of three main implements or tools cattle, plough and cultivator. After ploughing, the soil is distributed evenly and levelled in the process called levelling. The soil is then manured.  During cattle ploughing, the footprints left by the animals will act as a micro-catchment conserving rainwater beside help to plough as well as de-weed easier in fields where small-sized crops are grown. The yoke and shaft are attached to the cattle in the appropriate position and it is being drawn by the farmer.

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