Baigrah Dance

The video is of 'Baigrah' Dance, which is one of the Dance forms of Dimasa traditional Dance 'Baidima'. It was performed by Joypur Baidima group at Joypur village.

Dance and Music holds an important place in Dimasa community, there are several dance forms of Dimasa people which is complex in character. The traditional Dance of Dimasa Community is known as 'Baidima' where, 'Bai' means Dance and 'Dima' means Dimasa. 'Baigrah' is one of the traditional dance forms of Baidima, which is some how similar with the normal or basic dance forms of Baidima. Baigrah is performed usually at the time of Bushudima, which is a Dimasa post harvest festival. In olden time Baigrah is performed only during 'Hangshong Manaoba' (A type of Bushu, celebrated for 7 days). But now a days it is performed in any special occasions or festivals. The Baigrah has many different forms, which are - Mai shubani ( a dance form where a dancer show the process of grinding the rice), Thapu Jaobani ( a dance form where a dancer show the process of digging the yam), Homojing lodaibani ( a dance where dancer show bathing of pigs) etc. Most of the steps of Baigrah are inspired from the daily activities of Dimasa people like, Fishing, cultivation, weaving and more. 

Cultural Narrative: 

The full lyrics of Baigrah dance song - 

Habo shibnai nai, rikhro phin nai nai 

Shim de ring de hadung de 

Khanaringgor gorbakhe ning gibi baolaba

Longkhai grangshi hordada 

Shonghi gongshi didada 

habla phai phonthori 

derga khurunang 

Horsong Horsong Khun luba 

Khundi bangya khun luba 

Khundi luba bangkha de Rihmshao daorinang

Suwaring dada ne Rihmshao daorinang 

Jolao gathing gathingba, Jolao gathingba

Dingru dingru jalangba, nething naihaba

Gangding gangding jalangba nedru laihaba

Ejang jemnang ejang jemnang 

Homojing lodai lai lodainang 

Jini Hansho bushu ha 

Homojing lodai lai lodainang 

Jini Hangsho Bushu ha 

Homojing lodaiba lai lodaikha

Khaiding Khaiding Daodep gordu 

Naiphai di Naiphaidi Daodep gordu 

Barga gorba Barha gorba

Washong bakhla ha gorba ne 

Thapu jao Thapu jao 

biding rikhi jao 

Thapu jaoma thangyarao 

Biding rikhijao 

Thapu jaoma thangyarao 

Biding gamanang 

Dei shaire maidare 

Shaire shaire maidare 

Hadu khe jabraohi 

Hadu jang sahainlainang

Wang-Hang biringdu, Daojing Daola birbalai 

Baraha barkha Barha barkha 

Hading Thunglang barkhane 

Hading gaukhunaiba de

Hading Thunglang gaya ne

Hadam dangba maithaijang 

Digriksa bo mainaoba 

Baidi Baidi matlasarao, yathep malapsi 

Dam dei Dam dei, nagarsarao garang-di rainshi 

Shain gejer jakhaning Judi lurinang 

Hor gejer jakhaning Mogong khurinang 

Erha phayaraoshi khe 

Juthai khilimdu

Edhe khereng khamyarao khe 

Juthai Khilimdu







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