Bodo: Baidik Sabhyatar Eta Agraja Bhasha

Bodo: A Precedence of the Vedic Civilization is a scholarly work by Dr. Binay Kumar Brahma. It seeks to find out the affinities of the Bodos to the Indo-Aryan speaking people of India from linguistic, historical and socio-cultural point of view.


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Dr. Binay Kumar Brahma is former Principal of Kokrajhar Govt. College, Kokrajhar, BTR (Assam). This work is based on his Ph.D. thesis, namely, Social Mobility: From Tribalism to Indianism. It was first published in 2013 and the second edition was published in 2015 by M. Mahanta of Sreejan Prakash, Guwahati - 28. 

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