Dabrungsi Dabrungsi

A song by a child anxious to go play and meet with his friends.

This song is written by Dipto Singh Barman. This song is narrated by a small kid who is very anxious to go and play with friends. As we all know that kids like to stay out all day and play with their friends, here in this song the kid wants to go and play with friends and so asks the anklet on feet not to make noise so that he could go quietly without the knowledge of his parent. He is so impatient to go meet his friends that he bribes the anklet with food and milk.

Cultural Narrative: 

Dabrungsi dabrungsi

no sound no sound

'be quiet'

dabrung sring sringthai ning alangshi

no sound sound of anklet you once

'sound of anklet be quiet'

luguraou ani jonkhlukkha dini, dabrung sring singthai

friends my wait today, no sound anklet

'my friends wait for me, anklet stay quiet'

dabrungsi dabrungsi

no sound no sound

'be quiet be quiet'

amai khanakha de angkhe langfin nang

mother heard then me take away

'if my mother hears she will take me away'

malaouba dini ni ani jaya janang

play today my not done

'my playtime today will be shortened'

isi thidu ningkhe dabrungsidi alangsi dabrungsi dabrungsi

say you no noise once no noise no noise

'i am asking you again and again not to make noise'

ning garaou khanakha de ningkhe khaisung langnang

you word heard then you ant take away

'if you do not listed to me then ants will take you away'

gakhir ang lungkha bo nine lungpharinang

milk me drink then you drink again

'if i drink milk then i will give you too'

thailu ang jika bo nine jipharinang, dabrungsi dabrungsi.

banana me eat then you eat together, no noise no noise

'if i eat banana then i will share it with you, do not make noise'

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