Dul Purnima Kirtan (Religious Song)

This is a religious song or kirtan performed by Dimasa people in Dul Purnima.

This religious song is about collecting alms from house to house in some village on the auspicious day of Dul Purnima. In Hindu religion, Dul Purnima is believed to be the day of God Krishna and Goddess Radha which is celebrtated on full moon day in the month of Falguna (March). On this day, Dimasa people collect alms by singing this kirtan (religious song) and they donate/give puja with the money they have collected on Baruni (celebration of the divine relationship of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in the month of chaitra i.e. March-April). This video shows the demonstration of the kirtan by the people of Joypur village.

Cultural Narrative: 

This religious song is based on Dol Purnima performed by the villagers on the auspicious day of Holi to collect alms from house to house and  line to line translation of short interview by Dipali Barman is given below. 

Dipali: Ebo dol purnima ni rajapthai, jing maithaiprong bo haingajikrao, matlarao dul purnima kali rajiha elei nu kortal, khram ladada nolaiha bikkha krang jire dul purnima ha Radha Krishna ni bumu jang, ode jing yekhonha madaikho ha puja ri re. Bikkha krangdada butusijang Baruni basain ha madaikho ha puja ri re bo rajapthai ke kanarinang. Nolai nolai ha rajapdu la bo rajapthai ke duha butusijang rajapdada kanarinang.

Gloss: This song is related to Dol purnima, every year all the married women, and young women from Joypur performed this religious song to collect alms from house to house. We collect alm in the name of Lord krishna and Radha; later we offer the alms to god in the temple.  On the day of Baruni, we go to the temple will alms that we collected bt performing kirtan in the village and offer the alms to God. Now we will perform that religious song that we sang in villages.


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