Gajao ni Khamaothai

Bullet shaped beautifully handcrafted gold earing mainly worn by Dimasa women.

This bullet shaped beautifully handcrafted gold earing used to be mainly worn by Dimasa women in earlier days. The total length of the earing will be around 1centimeter and carries a thickness of 0.5 centimeter , the earing also holds a beautiful designs crafted on it and there is no knob or hook of this earing, the body of this bullet or or drum shaped earing is thick from top and bottom and in the middle portion. 

Cultural Narrative: 

The traditional ornaments of Dimasa people are mostly made of silver but this traditional earing is purely made of gold.  According to the present owner of this heritage item this traditional earing belongs to his paternal side grandmother and will be around 100 years old, this bullet shaped gold earing were very commonly worn by Dimasa womenfolk in early days and were mainly worn by the women of senior age group. 

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