A 'Giship' is a bamboo made traditional hand fan of Dimasa people.
Cultural Narrative: 

Bamboo and cane made products are one of the common tools and instruments of Dimasa people. Dimasa menfolk starts to learn the art and technique of crafting various tools and instruments with bamboo and cane from a young age it self. 'Giship' or 'Giship Dima' is one of their traditional Bamboo or cane made hand fan. In Dimasa community Giship of different varieties can be seen, the design and quality of Giship varies according to it's uses and demand. Most beautifully hand made type of giship are specially used in Dimasa marriage, such type of giship contains different colourful geometrical patterns of flowers, leaves etc. There are several formulas for weaving and crafting Dimasa traditional Bamboo/ Cane made products.

Traditional Knowledge: 

A 'Giship' is usually made of cane or bamboo only. It is mainly crafted by Dimasa menfolk with their traditional technique and knowledge, the height of a regular bamboo made Giship would be around 40cm to 48 cm. The handle of Giship is made with a thin piece of bamboo, where on upper side a flat layer of hand woven bamboo strips is attached tightly with the help of bamboo made rope. The woven bamboo strips which is attached to the handle are mostly round or square in shape.          

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