Ju-haro shongyaba Damshru

It is a Dimasa traditional utensils used for preparing Ju-haro (Rice based alcoholic beverage).

'Ju-haro shongyaba Damshru' is a set of  4  aluminium utensil which is used for preparing rice based alcoholic beverage of Dimasa people. The largest one is the base where other 4 is placed above it. These utensils are not much heavy in weight and can be easily transferable from one place to another. The second layer contains several holes where the smallest utensils is placed inside it. 

Cultural Narrative: 

These aluminium utensils are used for preparing 'Ju-haro' which is one of the Rice based alcoholic beverages of Dimasa community. The uses and consumption of Ju-haro can be seen in every rituals and festivals of Dimasa people, now a days it also made for commercial uses in village area. The fermented rice-pulp (Jugap) is transferred to the lowest vessel for boiling and the top most vessel contains water which needs to change time to time after reaching at certain boiling point, the vessel which is in middle contains a smaller vessel in it where a liquid is produced by distilling the fermented rice-pulp. When the container gets full of liquid it is collected and transferred to a plastic or glass bottle. It is believed by the Dimasa people that Ju-haro holds a lot of medicinal properties, Diseases like gastric, cough-cold and headache can be treated by taking small amount if Ju-haro.  

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