Juthai Juthai Juthai Ranachandi

It is a religious song by Dipta Singh Barman. This song is about the Goddess Rancahndi. It is a group song

Juthai juthai Ranachandi is a religious song. This song is written by Dipta Singh Barman. This song is about praying goddess Ranachandi to heal all the problems face by the Dimasa people. The narrator is asking to save them from any harms and be the saviour of Dimasa people.

Cultural Narrative: 

Juthai juthai juthai Ranachandi juthai juthai juthai Gamadi        ll

Suwadu ningke jung khulumdu ningke jung

worship    you        we  pray      you     we

'We worship you, we pray you'

Amai paihi duha jaba jaya tiridei

 mother come now right wrong say

'Come now Mother Goddess and tell us what is right and wrong'

Amaila jini Ranachandi                                l

mother our Ranachandi

'Our Mother is goddess Ranachandi'


Jaya jabliha nungla jaba sagaodi

wrong situation you become saviour

'When nothing is right you are our saviour'

Jaba bubliha nung buma gasaindi

right time you mother gasaindi

'When everything is right you are our mother Gasaindi'

Hakma jaka jung saokma jaka jung

land     lost  we   race     lost we

'We lost all our lands and all our race'

Amai paihi jini lugu lugu dongpadi

mother come our with  stay

'Mother please come and stay with us'


Amai dongbaha jingla kha githi mu githi  saogur githi mukhang githi

mother stay      we heart dead mouth dead skin dead face dead

'When mother is there our heart, mouth, skin, face is dead'

jahamya baojoya sarithai goya

problem not ending curse not ending

'Problem is not ending, curses are not ending'

amai paihi duha sarithai khohi langladi

mother come now curse take out 

'Mother goddess come now and take all the curses'

Amaila jini Ranachandi

mother our Ranachandi

'Our mother is Ranachandi'




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