Khadu Dima

'Khadu Dima' is a traditional silver made bangle or bracelet wore by Dimasa womenfolk.

The photo consists of two different types of Dimasa traditional bangle or bracelet which is called  'Khadudima' in Dimasa language.  

1. Khadudima - The first type of Khaduima is a big and heavy type, it is made of pure silver and weighs around 200 gm each. it is not fully circle as it has one side open through which its side can be adjusted while wearing. There are also beautiful geometrical patterns carved on it. 

2, Khadudima - The second type of Khadudima is of smaller and light weight in type, it is also made of pure silver and weighs around 100 gm each. One side is open anad there are several beautiful geometrical patterns carved on it. the color of this Khadudima has turned little darker in color as it is more then 100 years old.     

Cultural Narrative: 

The traditional Dimasa women 

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