Khamaothai (floral shaped earing)

'Khamaothai' is a traditional earing worn by Dimasa women.

The above picture is of a Dimasa traditional gold earing, it is small in size and worn like a top. This earing consist three layers of floral design on its top side and it also consist knob on its backside, Traditional  earing like this is not so commonly worn by Dimasa women now a days. 

Traditional Knowledge: 

This is a another variety of "Khamaothai", In Dimasa, "Khamaothai" refers to earing, this particular variety of earing was mainly worn by Dimasa women of young aged group. According to the owner (Sulekha Rani Barman Phonglo) of this heritage item, this earing belong to her mother and will be 70-80 years old. 

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