Khamplai is a low height simple traditional wooden tool which is used by Dimasa people in their day to day life.

Khamplai is a traditional low height wooden tool mainly used for sitting purpose by the Dimasa people. Khamplai can be made of any strong wood, the cutting and making of wood for Khamplai is mainly done by Dimasa Men. The height of khamplai is around 2 to 3 inch and breadth can be of around 36 cm to 40 cm or more-less according to the requirement of a person.  

Cultural Narrative: 

Khamplai is a traditional low height sitting tool of Dimasa people which is use in their day to day activity. Traditionally, Dimasa people only prefer khamplai for sitting purpose mainly while they participate in any rituals. it is said by the Dimasa people that once they get up from khamplai they have to keep it back in a standing position ; as it is strongly believed by the Dimasa elderly people that if they don't lift if up then the witch will sit on it and harm them. 

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