Khangkra Jala

'Khangkra Jala' is a bamboo made basket of Dimasa people used for storying and carrying miscellaneous.

Khangkra is a carrying basket of Dimasa people, it is made by weaving the bamboo strips in open hexagonal technique. The maximum height of this Khangkra is 8cm and maximum diameter is 18 cm, the body is round in shape with a open mouth. There is no bamboo made handle attached to any of its side. 

Cultural Narrative: 

In a Dimasa community there are  various types of  'Khangkra' made and used by Dimasa people. The khangkra are purely hand woven by the Dimasa menfolk, basically cane and bamboo strips are used for crafting a piece of Khangkra. The design, shape and size of Khangkra differs according to its uses and requirement. this particular Khangkra is used for storing vegetables and other light weight house hold items.   

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