Khaojep (traditional hand made bamboo basket)

'Khaojep' is a traditional bamboo made basket or container of Dimasa people.

The above photo is of one of the type of Khaojep, it is made of bamboo and cane. This particular type of Khaojep is some how Capsule in shape from the top view. the height of this Khaojep is around 11.4 cm, length 17 cm and breadth 23 cm. Just like other Khaojep's this Khaojep also hold a lid to cover which is made if bamboo and cane, it is dark brown in color from outside and in light brown color from inside.   

Cultural Narrative: 

This capsule shaped Khaohep was used to keep ornaments and other valuable items in olden days by the Dimasa people. According to the owner of this heritage item, it will be around 100 years old and belongs to his ancestors. 

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