Kharikho is a traditional tool of Dimasa people for straining 'Khari' (Alkali).

'Kharikho' is a type of tool made of bamboo strips which is funnel in shape. it also has a thin bamboo made handle for carrying which is attached to it from one side to another. It is only used and made for straining alkali by Dimasa people.   

Cultural Narrative: 

In Dimasa, the term 'Khari' refers to both for the food and the ingredient alkali that is added into the food while cooking. The tool which is used for straining alkali is known as 'Kharikho'. In Dimasa society food made of using alkali is one of their favorite one, which is cooked and eaten by Dimasa people very often. Kharikho is the only tool made and used by Dimasa for straining alkali, in Dimasa, alkali is prepared from the dried stems of banana plants, sesame plants, black lentil plants or young bamboo plants. First the dried stems are burnt, later the ashes are collected and turned into a ball shaped. The hard ball of ashes is kept in a alkali strainer (Kharikho) and water is added to it, water which passes through the ashes filters down gradually in a container. This liquid  'Khari' is stored in a bottle or any jar and kept for a long time period for daily uses by the Dimasa people.  

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