Khasa ni Khopra (Bronze Plate)

Khansa plate is a plate used for daily use by Dimasapeople.

Bronze plate is used in day to day life for having meal by some people. This plate is available in every Dimasa houses as it is very essential in every Dimasa ritual.

Cultural Narrative: 

Bronze plate is used by Dimasa community in every rituals. The offerings to god is placed on such plate as it is said to be unaffected from any impurities. Dimasa people believed that bronze plate is pure and steel plate is impure for which it can not be used in rituals. During any festival and wedding ceremony the offerings to god are served on the bronze plate. On rice feeding ceremony, the food or rice cooked for the baby is served on the bronze plate. During death ceremony the offerings to the deceased person is served in the bronze plate by Dimasa community.

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