Khasa ni Makhamdu

'Khasa ni Makhamdu' is a traditional Bronze made cooking vessel, used by Dimasa people.

The above photo is of a traditional Dimasa vessel, it is made of pure bronze and weighs around 5 kg with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Traditional vessel like this are handmade and very commonly used by Dimasa people till today. 

Cultural Narrative: 

In Dimasa ' Khasa ni Makhamdu' refers to a bronze made vessel used for cooking Rice. Vessels made of bronze and brass holds a traditional value in Dimasa Society, such vessels are used in every rituals ( birth to death ) of Dimasa people. During a death of a person in Dimasa Society offering food for a deceased person is mainly prepared in Khasa ni Makhamdu. In Dimasa marriage's bronze made vessels are always gifted to a bride from her parent's, however these days such hand made bronze vessels are very rare to find. According to the owner (Manoj Barman Phonglo) of this heritage item , this Khasa ni Makhamdu will be around 100 years old and belongs to his ancestors. 


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