Khutim/ Khutum

'Khutim' or 'Khutum' is a traditional basket or conatiner of a Dimasa people, mainly used for storing fishes while fishing.

'Khutum' or Khutim is a bamboo made basket or container, used for storing fishes by the Dimasa people during fishing. The height of Khutim will be around 20 - 24cm, the lower portion of this container is round in shape with a flat base. the middle portion of Khutim is little narrow in shape and has a open wide top. the narrow part of Khutim is usually termed as 'Khutim ni Gorna'  in Dimasa which means the neck of a Khutim. A bamboo made rope is tied in the neck area of Kutim, which helps to hold the whole container. Usually there is no cover or any lid for Khutim.   

Cultural Narrative: 

In Dimasa community, fishing is practiced by both men and women since ages. Fish is among one of the favorite food of Dimasa people, this particular type of Khutim for storing fishes during fishing is carried and used by Dimasa people  very often. It is mainly carried or tied by a rope in a waist of a fishermen or fisherwomen while fishing. As the size of a Khutim is small only a small to medium size variety of fishes can be stored and carried.  

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