mai rabani haba, marda (Process of Harvesting, Marda village)

This short interview is about conversation between field workers and investigator in Marda village.

In this video harvesting of paddy is discussed. Investigator asked questions of how and what kind of paddy is harvested and planted in the field. Paddy of different kinds are planted in different seasons. Varieties like Krishna, Aizong etc. are planted during monsoon and Lampurai, Ranjit etc. are planted during winter season.

Cultural Narrative: 

Full line to line translation of the short interview on process of harvesting by Nirtirani Barman, Krishna Phonglo, Bale Khersa of Marda village which is interviewed by Animesh Barman is given below.

Nirtirani: Ani bumu Nirtirani.

Gloss: My name is Nirtirani.

Animesh: Sumbo nolaini?

Gloss: Where are you from?

Nirtirani: Marda Lakhinagar ni.

Gloss: i am from Marda Lakhinagar.

Animesh: Nishi duha nadi klaihi dongba?

Gloss: What are you people doing now?

Nirti Rani: Mai raba.

Gloss: We are harvesting paddy.

Animesh: Mai Raba.

Gloss: okay, you are harvesting paddy.

Nirti Rani: Om.

Gloss: Yes.

Animesh: Ebo mai la sumbo badain ha gaiba?

Gloss: In which month do you plant this paddy?

Nirti Rani: Maike la na badain ha gaiba, ebo maike la srabon ha gaiba

Gloss: When was this paddy planted, this was planted on the month of srabon.

Animesh: Srabon ha gaiba. Ebo mai ni bumu nadi?

Gloss: Planted this on Srabon. What is the name of this paddy?

Nirti Rani: Ebo mai ni bumu la Lampurai.

Gloss: The name of this paddy is Lampurai.

Animesh: Ode nishi sainsi ha  bislei sosi rapudu mai?

Gloss: How much paddy can you harvest in a day?

Nirti Rani: Sainsi ha khersi radu

Gloss: We harvest khersi in a day.

Animesh: Duha ebo ede dengyaba k la jing nadi ti re?

Gloss:What do we call this paddy accumulated here?

Nirti Rani: Ede dengyaba ke la maimutha tire go.

Gloss: We call this, paddy bundles.

Animesh: Aro masi bo kataiyaba ke la bede ti re ko?

Gloss:What do you call this kataiyaba?

Nirti Rani: Kataiyaba ke la yaophre ti re.

Gloss: we call thi kataiyaba yaophre.

Animesh: Yaopre nanni slamba ko?

Gloss: Why do you make yaophre?

Nirti Rani: Dubur nangbani slamba bo la. Hadi haba ha la kama nangdu. Jalanghala mai yaopre kha re maising ha la mai mutha khare.


Animesh: Jalangni bo mai ke la nadi ti re?

Gloss: What do you call the paddy planted during monsoon.

Nirti Rani: Krisha, Aizong ti re.

Gloss: We call it Krishna, Aizong.

Animesh: Ode bo maising ha rayava ke la na ti re?

Gloss: And what do you call the one harvested during winter?

Nirti Rani: Maising la go ebo maimutha.

Gloss: During winter we call it paddy bundle.

Krishna: maiju bo radu, ranjit, lampurai, dhonla

Gloss: We harvest sticky rice, Ranjit, Lampurai, Dhonla.

Animesh: Nishi la maibo gaiba ring naidu?

Gloss: You people know how to plant paddy, right?

Krishna: Ee gaiba ringdu , Maisha gaiba ringdu, maibo raba ringdu.

Gloss: Yes, we can. We know how to plant paddy sprouts and we also know how to harvest.

Animesh: Nini bumu k bo shinhanang?

Gloss: Okay then what is your name?

Bale: Bo smaba jadi ti re Bale ti re Bale ani bumu de.

Gloss: My name is Bale.

Animesh: Sengphong la nadi?

Gloss: What is your sengphong (surname)?

Bale: Khersa. Khersa bihi.

Gloss: Khersa. Khersa's wife.

Animesh: Khersa bihi.

Gloss: Khersa's wife.

Bale: Om.

Gloss: Yes.

Animesh: Sumbo nolai ni?

Gloss: Which village do you belong to?

Bale: Marda ni.

Gloss: I am from Marda.

Animesh:Marda nolai ni.

Gloss: Okay, You are from Marda.

Bale: Om.

Gloss: Yes.

Animesh: Nishi la gabang ning mai raba blaibi da go.

Gloss: Oh, you people could harvest a lot.

Bale: Om, jingla odenu ralaba jilaba na tinang.

Gloss: Yes, we harvest and we earn.

Animesh: Oh eboke la maimutha ti re na?

Gloss:O, We call it paddy bundle, right?

Bale: Om Om mutha ti re olaba ke de.

Gloss: Yes, we call this paddy bundle.

Animesh: Tikala ode buni yekhon ha bo miyarao noha langmane bainkudu je kataidu bo ke la na tire?

Gloss:Then what do you call the which is being carried by those men?

Bale: Bo k la maisho ti re.

Gloss: We call it maisho.

Animesh: Aro saosi dongko bo k lasohanang, nini bumu la nadi ti re?

Gloss:One more person is there lets ask her name, what is your name?

Krishna: Ani bumu la Krishna.

gloss: My name is Krishna.

Animesh: Sengpong la nadi?

Gloss: What is your surname?

Krishna: Sengpong la Phonglosa bihi, angla Haflongbarsa.

Gloss: My maiden's surname is Phonglo, mine is Haflongbarsa.

Animesh: Phonglo sa bihi na tikala ningbo phonglo sa jahika ti.

Gloss: O you are wife of Phonglo, so you are Phonglo.

Krishna: Om Om

Gloss: Yes.

Animesh: Ningla sumbo nolai ni?

Gloss: Which village do you belong to?

Krishna: Erani nu marda ni nu

Gloss: I stay here in Marda.

Animesh: Ode ning braha hajaiba?

Gloss: Where were you born?

Krishna: Ang ebo nolai ha nu hajaiba se marda ha nu.

Gloss: I was born here in the same village Marda.

Animesh:Dei, nishi hamsi mai ralai dei.

Gloss: Okay then, you people carry on with your harvest.


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