Naijugraha Hon Shubani

This song is traditional song of Dimasa. The song is about how the workers or farmers start their day and how they end the day in the forest or paddy field. The singer is praising and motivating them in the song.

This is a traditional song by Dipta Singh Barman and it is a group song. The song is about the farmers and their life during the harvesting time of paddy crops. In the song, lyricist wrote how the workers bake snacks in the forest and the smell of that, spread in every corner of the forest. When November-December month comes, paddy crops started to mature. So during that time the workers, farmers become very busy in harvesting crops. They spend whole day in harvesting the crops until its dusk.

Cultural Narrative: 

naijugraha         hon shubani shamto thung thung brungdu

early morning rice flour grind wooden mortar grinding sound making

'In the early morning,  grinding sound of rice in the traditional wooden mortar and pestle can be heard.'

hagraha hon saobani bahai mudumdu

forest snacks cooking smell good

'Forest is filled with good smell of traditional rice flour snack '

berao          bahai mudumdu

dear friend smell good

'Oh! dear friend it smells so good.'


 aagun                badain paibani ha raisebka

november-december month come land become dry

'As it is november-december month, the land has dried up'

hawar khlung-glang maibo dini gonghi loglaika

paddy-field             paddy today bend fell

'Today paddy crops in the paddy field are bend and fell on the ground'

berao gonghi loglaika

dear friend bend

'Oh! dear friend everything is bend and fell on the ground'

dangyaraosi hongyaraosi jaiyahi thgailaidu

songi bainpong yaoha lahi haba rumalidu

sickle              hand  carry work appoint

'They took sickle and all the amenities and appointed themselves to work in the paddy field'

berao haba rumlaidu

dear friend work appoint

'Oh! dear friend they have appointed themselves to work'

haba garhi garhi noha phailaidu

work left           house come

'They left their work area and came to house'

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