Phanthao Raja ni Kharmin (The folk story of Phanthao Raja)

The above video is short Dimasa folk story of Phantao raja and his brothers, narrated by Nrityojoy Hojai of Kumacherra village (Cachar).

The folk story of Phanthao raja narrated by Nrityojoy Hojai goes like - Long time ago the father of Phantao raja had seven sons among which Phantao raja was the youngest. When Phanthao raja was born he noticed the two incomplete Shangkhon (bamboo dagra) and Maijai (bamboo sieve), So he asked to his father - " father, who has made this ? if it was you, why have you not completed it ? " father replied - " No, I have not made this nor has your mother, this has been made by your six brothers - Dembong (Chamelon), Sorerema, Gogema, Lorema, Nonema before they went to the forest to kill Jibu Hasigringma (A giant snake) as the snake has troubled the village people a lot and since then your brothers have not returned till today. " after hearing this, phantao raja replied to his father - "As they are my brothers, I have to go to save them. " He eventually left to find his lost brothers in the forest. One day while searching for his brothers in the forest he saw the giant snake with a big stomach, after seeing that he got sure that it's the Jibu Hasigringma and might have eaten all his brothers. Therefore, he attacked the stomach of the snake with his spear after which the stomach got burst out and his all bothers came out from it. when all his brothers came to sense phantao raja told them that he is their youngest brother and has killed the Jibu Hasigringma to save all of them. Except Nonema (lizard) none of them believed him and got busy in cutting the pieces of dead snake to eat. Later, they distributed all the chopped meat among themselves equally but no meat was shared with Phantao raja. After seeing that Nonema said to all his brothers- " we must share some meat with him as he is our brother and also came to save us." but all his brothers refused to accept phantao raja as their brothe, after listening that Phantao raja was deeply hurt, so except Nonema (lizard) he cursed all his brothers that they will always have to live in the forest in the form of animals and whenever it rains i will strike thunder on them. However not on Nonema (lizard) as he will stay with Humans in their houses. 


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