This particular tool is used by Dimasa people for straining rice wine.

This tool is made with fine bamboo strips by Dimasa menfolk, it is hand weaved and contains several holes in a center made of crossed bamboo strips for separating solid matters from the liquid. it is triangular in shaped with a pointed cone like area in a center part of it that consists several small holes, the hard and thick bamboo strips are tied in its all edges. 

Cultural Narrative: 

This particular bamboo made tool is usually called 'Sanni' or 'Judima baiyaba' in Dimasa language, it is a traditional strainer of Dimasa people for straining Judima (Rice wine). There are several tools and technique used by Dimasa people for straining Rice wine since ages, a limited amount of fermented mixed rice is taken at a time in Sanni for separating Rice wine from the mixed fermented rice. only an expert Dimasa womenfolk can strain liquid from the mixture. this tool and technique and still prevalent in Dimasa community and mainly used while there is large amount of quantity Judima need to be strained out. 

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