Sindurkho (Sindur Case)

This is a picture of the red vermillion casket “sindur kho” used specially by the Dimasa royal queen during marriage.

Mr. Tanulal Barman describes the item as a royal case or casket for sindur (red vermillion applied on the central part of the hair partition from the forehead as a part of holy matrimony among Hindus), used by the Dimasa queens. It is palm -sized, and it consists of a container and a lid without any holder on top. It can be tightened by turning it clockwise, and opened by turning it anti clockwise. He inherited the item from his grandmother who inherited it from her clan. 


Cultural Narrative: 

 Mr. Tanulal stated that the sindur was taken from the case to apply on the royal bride’s central forehead during the holy matrimony by the royal groom. The Dimasas do not own sindur cases in brass metal, and it is a special item maintained by his family to preserve the royal legacy in the present day. The female clan of the queen who owned the casket is not known. The “sindur kho” is also as old as the water drainer “yaphaha di luyaba”, i.e. it possibly dates back 18th-19th century (CE).


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