Yega gereba pherenyaba (traditional healing process of ankle sprain)

The above video is a short demonstration of traditional healing technique for ankle sprain, practiced by Dimasa people.

'Yega gereba pherenyaba' is a traditional healing technique for curing ankle sprain in Dimasa community. The Dimasa people have different traditional healing techniques for different body related issues which are being practiced by them since a long period of time. Both Dimasa men and women can learn and practice such traditional healing techniques, however it is mandatory for a person to learn such healings by considering someone as their Guru/ Hoja (Master) who is expert in healing that particular body related issue. In this particular video a Dimasa women is performing the traditional healing for a ankle sprain, she has taken a mixture of salt, garlic and hot mustard oil and applied on the sprained area of the leg and chanted the healing chants thrice. While performing such healing techniques it is important for a Dimasa women healer to keep her hair open, Such healings will be applied to a person in a several odd number of shifts until a person doesn't get properly recovered. 

Cultural Narrative: 

Traditional healing chants for 'Yega gereyaba' (Ankle sprain) 

Uska jhara, muska jhara 

Ki diya jhara, meser shormo uska 

Lamiya jao. 

Chuf, Chuf, Chuf -  (3 times)

The above given healing chant is narrated by Bilomala Barman of Joypur village. 

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