Kharnai, Royal Tanks of Hawarma Village

Hawarma is famous for its oral history of the royal tanks from the reigns of Raja Tamradhvaj Hasnu and Raja Krishna Chandra Hasnu in the 17th and 18th centuries. Presently, these tanks like Baro Hal and Padda Dighir Par have been converted to fisheries.

The pond Baro Hal (12 times of 4) was said to be located within a range of 144 acres of land of the Dimasa kingdom at that time. It was built during King Krishna Chandra’s reign. Presently, it has been made a fishery pond by the Government authorities. Another such pond Padda Dighir Par (by the bank of the lotus) was a twin pond. Each pond had differently coloured lotus flowers, and it was famous for its colour difference in both the ponds. This pond also has been converted into a Govt. fishery today.


Cultural Narrative: 

 The Dimasa kings were fond of water bodies and built numerous ponds and lakes; moreover, the Dimasas are well known as riverine people (Dimasa “sons of the great water”) and hence their fascination for the ponds in the plainsland of Cachar. To this day, every Dimasa household has a pond in their villages in the Barak valley, which is used for domestic purposes, and also for beautification with lotus flowers. 

Location Description: 

Village: Hawarma , Cachar, Assam

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