ओंखामम गोरलै जानाय (Wngkham gwrlwi janai)

Cultural Narrative: 


This ceremony is observed during the month of December after harvesting the major rice crops of the year (maisali). At the ceremony, the new rice is eaten along with the family members and relatives; neighbors and children of the village are also invited to the feast. Various traditional cuisines were prepared for the occasion along with new rice (wngkham gwdan), pork (oma), and rice-beer (jou or jumai) also supplied in abundance. Before having the actual ceremonial food, the Bodo followers of the traditional beliefs offer a little quantity of cooked rice and curry or pork to the Gods and Goddesses mainly to ‘Bathaou Bwrai’ and ‘Mainao Buri’.  The followers of the Brahma Dharma perform a Yajnahuti during this ceremony and offer a little quantity of cooked new rice to the fire of Ahuti before consuming themselves. They pray before the Ahuti offering prasad (mixed pulses) to the fire in the name of God for better crops in the next year. 

Swrang Brahma

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