Durga Mandir, Thakurbari - Hawarma Village

The Durga temple was built during the reign of the Dimasa King Tamradhvaj, and it is about 600 years old, accord. to the community members of the Hawarma village.It is presently under the care of the Bengali priest in Thakurbari area near Hawarma village.

The Dimasas and the Bengalis in the neighbourhood offer prayers every year during the Raj Purnima (biggest full moon) to Goddess Durga in the temple. The temple bears an architectural design similar to the stone house of Maibang and Khaspur ruins, especially the roof. It is presently covered with tin (the roof can’t be seen except when finding a high place to stand and see it) and painted in pink by the front side of the temple wall and modified at the entrance for an open, public space below the tin roof. 


Cultural Narrative: 

According to the village residents there used to be animal sacrifices, in the forefather generations. But presently, there is no such sacrifice held at the temple. The Dimasas also donate to the temple for its maintenance from time to time. They also narrated that the Bishnupriya Manipuris very piously worship the Goddess Durga at the temple, as a group of men from their community once attempted to steal the idols and were later made to return the idols on the same spot. The Dimasa and the people around the temple also believe that the Goddess fulfills wishes of the devotees.


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