Kali Mandir (Khaspur)

This is a Dimasa Kali Mandir which is situated in Khaspur, Cachar (Assam). This temple was built by the Dimasa Kachari King Ramchandra Narayan Hasnu in the year 1743.

This is an ancient temple of goddess Kali which was built during the reign of Dimasa Kachari king Ramchandra Narayan Hasnu in the year 1743. The temple is situated in the main compound of Khaspur Rajbari which is easily visible from the main road. The walls of the temple are beautifully carved with floral designs, the temple has no image or idol of any deity and the structure of the temple is similar to the Ranachandi temple but smaller in size. From the time of King Ramcahndra, Krishnachandra and Gobindchandra pooja is still performed here during evening time.

Cultural Narrative: 

The full line to line translation of the above short interview on a Dimasa ancient temple of goddess Kali, narrated by Romaranjan Barman Phonglo of Khaspur, Thaligram village.

Monali: Ebuni baire ha ashba shainthiphunang ?

Monali: Can you tell anything about this ?

Romaranjan: Ebu Kali Mandir thihi duha khrib bo thilaidu, ebu Damadi Mandir ning ebubo. Ebu Ramchandra Naryan ni somoy ha 1743 kristabdo ha shlamba thihi jing laishi ha maidu odehe ebu ha jini puja manang ha riba duhabo puja rilangdu, shamli-shamli ha bo puja ridu. Ebo raja ni somoy ha dangba buni yakhon hala Krishnachandra, buni pore Gobindchandra shoshi, duha shoshi bo eraha puja jalangdu kho go duhala gicha-gicha baikha duhala gicha shlama nangdu muh, rong bu huphuya, rong bo huma nangre muh odehe go duhala Archaeological survey of India duha elai shalmhi dengdukho.

Romaranjan: Now everyone knows it as Kali temple and this is also a Damadi (Dimasa female deity) temple. In the documents we have found that this temple was built during the reign of King Ramchandra in the year 1743, pooja has been done here since the ancient times and continues till now, mainly in the evening time. This is a temple built during the reign of king and from the time of King Krishnachandra and Gobindchandra pooja is still happening here. The temple is not much in good condition, we are not able to paint it and at present the Archaeological survey of India has repaired it this much only.

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