Kumacherra Nolai ni kharmin

The above video is a short interview of Abesh Diruwa of Kumacherra village taken by Monali Longmailai.

This video is a short Interiew of Abesh Diruwa of Kumacherra village taken by Monali Longmailai, The interview questions were mainly based on to collect he information regarding the History, people, Geography and Economic life style of the people of Kumacherra village. The village Kumacherra is situated in the Cachar district of Assam, there are approximately 200 houses in the kumachearra village, the village is very old and it is difficult to trace back when the village was established. The economic life of the people of Kumacherra village is mainly  based on Agriculture, According to Abesh Diruwa in early days there were less educated people in the Kumacherra village compare to the other villages but at present many educated people, government employees and the youth of present generation who are pursuing studies can be seen in their village now.  The road condition of their village is some how good and the vehicles like Auto, Bus and Cruiser are available for going to market and Silchar. The village Kumacherra is neighbor to three other Dimasa villages which are Diphu on North, Mudri and Jembru on the South side from Kumacherra village.The village also have their weekly market place and a  center market at Harinagar which is only 2-3 kilometer from the Kumacherra village. 

Cultural Narrative: 

The full line to line translation of the short interview of Abesh Diruwa of Kumacherra village taken by Monali Longmailai. 

Monali:-  First ha Nini bumu kai thiha.

Monali :- Tell your name at first. 

Abesh :-  Ani Bumu la Abesh thire Abesh Diruwa, Jingla ebu haphai ni ebu Dijao haphai ni shbung jngla nolai ni bumu la Kumacherra thire. Jini erhala malai ni nolai lai ringyarao shbung la giri thikabo dongbala dong thikabo uli la jashophuya. thila jini ebo haphai ha chakri dangyarao bo dong, ringyarao grikyarao bo laishi phoriayarao bo dong duhala baigophaika manang hase giriba duhala matric pass jayarao bo dong, phoriyarao college ha phoriyarao bo dong. Ebu haphai ni la jingla na klaima beshir bagla jing dangyarao jiyarao, Hadi dangdada, Hadam dangdada sholiyaba odeh graode. 

Abesh:- My name is Abesh Diruwa, i am a person from this Dijao (name of the rier)area and the name of my village is Kumacherra. In our illage there are not much well educated people but there are some but less compare to others, right now in our illage we hae goernment employees, educated people and people who are pursuing their studies, before there were less but now we hae a lot and we the people of this land mostly earned by doing agriculture. 

Monali:- Ebu nolai bakhali Khaba ?

Monali:- When was this village established?

Abesh:-  Ebu Nolai la khaba laokha, jini Aju thuni skang nisphrang sai dongba jingbo ulishoshi dai mithishoya thikabo gadah ni phrang jini ebu haphaila dongba laokha, jing erha ning hajaiba erha ning elai rakha aro jini aju thubo dngbako. 

Abesh;- This village was established long back ago, since our grandfathers time this place is there but I will not be able to tell exactly about when our village got established, I was born and got this much aged here even our grandfathers also lived at this place. 

Monali:- Bisheli  noh deng eraha ? 

Monali:- How many houses are there here? 

Abesh:-  Ebu Nolai hala Noh la bangbi, Kumacherra  Nolai ha ning Razagni ni khasa khasi jaihidu Noh ode aro buni bashao ha bo dongkho Dimasarao nolai ning Diphu thila ejang bakhla gadeh bo dongkho Jembru, Mudri odeh klaihi bu haphai.

Abesh:-  There are many houses in this village, there are approximately 200 houses in the Kumacherra village and above that there are more Dimasa villages like Diphu and below side Jembru and Mudri village. 

Monali:- Eraha la lama la bedhe, nadi gari jang Silchar thangba bedhe gari la? 

Monali:- How is the condition of road here? by which vehicle you go to Silchar? 

Abesh:- Ahh gari ni lama la hamka duhala, lama la hambi. Gari la jing erahani phrangbo Silhar thangba maidu, Auto cholidu, Bus cholidu, Cruiser choliodu khrib maidu.

Abesh:- The road condition for vehicle has improved now and we get vehicle for Silchar from here like Auto is there, Bus is there and Cruiser is also there.

Monali:- Odehe nishini Bazar la braha ?

Monali:- And where is the market ?

Abesh:- Jini Bazar la eraha Kumacherra hatan ha ning jadu odehe gichha Dui - char kilometer poraila Harinagar aro dedaodada mashi Bazar dongkho odehe jing oraha ning thangdu phaidu aro Silchar ha bo thangdu phaidu Dui gontha laishin nangba eraha nishing Silchar. 

Abesh:- We have our market in the Kumacherra village  and after 2-3 Kilometer there is a big market in a place called Harinagar where we always go and come. we also go to Silchar which takes 2 hours from our village.





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