Mishagi is a tree whose leaves are consumed by Dimasa people. It is cooked with fermented fish.

The leaf of the Mishagi tree is crushed and rolled right after plucking using palm so that the leaf does not harden up while cooking. The leaf of Mishagi does not cook properly when it comes in contact with iron utensils, for this reason the leaf is crushed and rolled before cooking. Crushing and rolling of the leaf enables it to cook properly. This leaf is also used for the purpose of roasting with fermented fish and vegetables. Mishagi is also boil with dal and served.

Cultural Narrative: 

Misagi is a leaf of a tree used as vegetable by Dimasa people. Line to line translation of short interview on mishagi by Kakoli Barman which is taken by Monali Longmailai is given below.

Monali: Nadi thiba ebokhe?

Gloss: What do you call this?

Kakoli: Mishagi.

Gloss: Mishagi

Monali: Mishagi, nadi blai ebola?

Gloss: Mishagi, what kind of leaf is this?

Kakoli: Mishagi blai tih re ebokhe.

Gloss: This leaf is known as Mishagi.

Monali: Nadi ha jiba?

Gloss:  How this leaves are cooked?

Kakoli: Ebokhe la naphlam mudru ha ridu odehe brenghi bo jidu naphalm, tatai, samprang krip rihi danghi misagi blai rihi danghi brenghi jidu. Ebo blai sher panangka tikade raolangladu, bokhe shongbaha slambaha yaojang se go ede ede klaima ( roll and crush) ode sabsoma odese shengma. Sher pananagkade raolangladu, minyalangladu sher nangkade.

Gloss: This leaf is cooked with fermented fish, and it is also mixed with the vegetables like potato, onion etc to roast inside bamboo. This leaf is harden up when it comes in contact with iron utensils, for this reason this leaves are first rolled and crushed before cooking. If it comes in contact with iron utensils, it harden up and does not cook properly.

Monali: Nadi nadi sabjijang shongdu, naphlam odehe?

Gloss: What are the other dishes where this leaf is used, fermented fish items and others?

Kakoli: Naphlam jang nu beshirbagh naphlam jang nu jidao ebokhe. Sabji de slamya naphlam jang sinu jiba, mudru ha shengba jiba odehe.

Gloss: This leaf is only cooked with fermented fish items.


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